• 48 x 10kg Packs
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Low moisture content 
  • Easy to store 
  • Hard wood briquette
  • Good burn time

Birch Briquettes are a high performing heat log that is a great alternative to traditional logs. Briquettes are formed under very high pressure and therefore offer good heat and long burn time. 

Full description


Birch briquettes are made by grinding birch wood shavings and sawdust into a homogeneous pulp and form into a briquette under very high pressure. The sawdust which is used in the manufacture of our briquettes provides the best calorific value. 

These modern, high performing briquettes are easy to handle, stack and store. They are more economic than logs and burn for longer, at a higher temperature. This briquette is made from hardwood, and therefore burns for 20% longer than softwood products. Along with this, birch briquettes do not tend to expand and leave very little ash behind. 

These briquettes can be used on a range of appliances, including, multi fuel stoves, log burners, open fires and fire pits.



Singular Product Weight
Pallet Quantity
Half Pallet - 48 packs

Fuel Specification

Product Type
Wood Species
Type of Wood
Place of Origin
Calorific Value
Ash Residue
Burning Features
  • Clean Burn
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to Store
  • High Heat Output
  • Low Ash Residue
  • Low CO₂
Moisture Content

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Open Fires, Wood Stoves,
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