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  • Kirklees/Calderdale Delivery
  • BSL registered 
  • High Quality Pellet
  • Delivered direct to pellet store
  • Up to 3 tonne delivery

    Our Biomass wood pellets used for blown deliveries are of a high quality, they are bought from an ENPlus producer, and registered on our BSL. The wood pellets have a high calorific value, and have a low ash content. These pellets burn well and do not leave any kind of clinker in the boiler system. 

    Please note, our blown wood pellet delivery service is only available for our local area, which is Kirklees and Calderdale.

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    Our wood pellets are sourced from sustainably managed forests and do not contain any chemicals or additives. We buy our wood pellets from an ENPlus producer, and they are registered on our BSL list. These pellets have a great reputation with our customers. They offer a clean burn, and don't clog up the boiler system. 

    These pellets are suitable for all pellet boilers, and due to their high burning temperature, the ash residue is burnt away. This means that your appliance will need less maintenance. 

    Along with a high quality wood pellet, we are able to offer smaller delivery options. Our blower truck has been specially modified to allow us to deliver to hard to reach, and restricted areas. We can deliver up to 3 tonnes of pellets at one time, and all of our drivers are knowledgeable about our wood pellets, and pellet boilers and stoves. 

    Pellet information:

    • Calorific value 17.58MJ/KG OR 4.88KWT/KG
    • Ash content 0.4
    • Moisture content 6.3
    • Length less than 3.5
    • Width 6mm
    • BSL0154329-0006

    To give you the most competitive price, please call us on 01484 653 768 so we can take some delivery details. 


    Fuel Specification

    Product Type
    Wood Pellet
    Authorised Fuel
    Place of Origin
    HETAS Approved
    Burning Features
    • Clean Burn
    • Easy to Store
    • High Heat Output
    • Low Ash Residue
    • Low Smoke Output

    Suitable For

    Burning Appliance
    Pellet Boilers