£145.00 per bag
  • Approx. 750kg in Weight
  • Great for Weed Suppression 
  • Local Crane Off Deliver

Our Dorset Pebbles feature a beautiful mix of grey, brown and beige tones, turning glossy and more defined when wet. Coming in a mixture of rounded and angular-shaped stones, which adds an extra level of definition and detail to any project they are used in. 

Their natural and nostalgic looks is reminiscent of pebbles found nestled in the sand at the beach. These pebbles offer great weed suppression and are fish friendly, making them ideal for water features, garden beds, and ponds. They can also be used on Paths, patios, rockeries and as plant pot toppers.

We supply these pebbles in 20kg bags and 750kg bulk bags, with a size grading of 20mm. Which we deliver locally, using crane-backed trucks to help our customer get their gravel where they need it to be. We also deliver nationwide using a pallet network, more details can be found below about delivery information


Product Type
Decorative Aggregate, Bulk Aggregates,
Bulk Bag Volume
Product is ideal for:
  • Creating Garden Paths
  • Creating Drives
  • Creating Garden Beds and Borders
  • Weed Suppression
  • Gravel for paths and driveways
  • Rockeries
Key Features & Benefits
  • Available in Easy to Use Small Bags
  • Great For Water Features
  • Varied Range of Grey, Brown & Beige Tones
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Deters Weeds
Size Grading
20 - 40mm
Grey, Brown & Beige Tones, More Defined & Glossy When Wet,
Naturally Rounded Pebbles