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  • Suitable for open fires

Colombian house coal doubles is one of the highest quality coals currently available on the market. This coal is ideal for open fires, as is a non-coking coal that has a high heat output. 

This coal is not suitable for use in smoke control areas. 

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Colombian house coal is considered to be of the highest quality currently available in the UK market, and is ideal for open fires. Typically, this coal is non-coking and has a high heat output. 

This coal burns hotter than the Economy House coal and has a very low ash residue, less than 2%, combined with a low moisture and sulphur content. 

This coal is suitable for open fires and burns with a lively and attractive flame. 

Colombian house coal doubles is not authorised for use in smoke control areas. 



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  • Attractive Flame
  • Easy to Light
  • High Heat Output
  • Low Ash Residue

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