• Bodies but Mellow Aroma
  • Ideal for Meat & Fish 
  • Use on Hot Smoker or BBQ

Hickory delivers a strong wood smoke flavour which is rounded and mellow at the same time. 

It works very well with pork including classic pulled pork and bacon, but because it is robust without bitterness it will also work with other strong flavoured foods such as mackerel, beef and try too with nuts and garlic.

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These pure Hickory hardwood chips are graded to a chip size of approximately 5mm to 10mm in size, ideal for use in a hot smoker or on your barbecue. 

For best results, soak the chips in water for approximately 30 minutes before use, or use with a stainless steel smoker box. Both of these methods will inhibit the wood from igniting and promote richer, more intense wood smoke flavours. 

Our chips are packed (by hand) by weight and are available in bags of 500g. The 500g chips are packaged in a robust cellophane bag with natural jute twine tie. All woods for smoking are sourced from managed estates or sustainable sources and the wood is completely natural and untreated. Not an indigenous UK or European species, our hickory wood chips are sourced from sustainable FSC certified managed woodland in the USA.


Product Type
Wood Chip for Smoking
BBQ Smoking