• UK Made & Heavy Gauge Metal
  • Powder-Coated Steel
  • Jack Daniels Design
  • 1500mm Tall

This durable black steel fire-pit is perfect for taking the chill of a summer evening spent in the garden. Not only will it kick out a lot of heat, it has a trendy design and offers a centre-piece for the garden. 

Standing at 1500mm tall, a fire-pit that is perfect for all Jack Daniel lovers out there. The pit is made out of 100% steel, at 3mm thick, and then powder-coated for extra protection and a sleek finish. All fire-pits are manufactured in the UK, made to order and not batch made.

These fire-pits should be paired with logs only. 

If you want to collect your fire-pit rather than have it delivered, we can offer a discount. The collection price for this pit is £249.00, please call us to arrange - 01484 653 768.

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How to Light your fire-pit 

Before lighting your fire-pit, find an appropriate position. Fire-pits should not be placed on decking area's or grass unless they are placed on top of concrete blocks or a slate slab. Once your fire-pit is in place, position the ash tray (that comes as a standard with your pit), underneath to catch any ash fall out.

Lighting a fire-pit is incredibly easy. All you need to do is lay a base of kindling and firelighters in the pit, and light with a match or lighter. Once the kindling is flaming away, you can add your kiln-dried logs. 

It is important to note, using wet logs on a fire-pit will cause excessive smoke. Whilst all fuels will smoke initially, this will die down once they are combusting properly. 

We recommend only using logs on these fire-pits, using a coal will cause the pit to over heat. 

Safety Instructions 

1. Have a fire extinguisher or garden hose nearby in case of an emergency.

2. The fire-pit is for outdoor use only, place your pit in a suitable area, this must be 10 feet away from structures/trees/anything flammable.

3. Keep children away from the fire-pit, the frame of the pit will be hot to touch when lit. 

4. Only burn dry logs in this pit, it is not designed for burning coal

Caring for your pit

These fire-pits are powder-coated to give them extra protection against discolouring and rust. Please note, this does not give a life long guarantee that the pit will not change colour over time.  The pits are manufactured to a very high quality, and are more durable than most available on the market. But as with any metal, when heated changes occur over time. 

Looking after you fire-pit:

1. Burning at too high of a temperature, including coal, will cause the coating to dis-colour and come off in time

2. Buying a protective cover for the pit will help to prevent rust from rainfall over a period of time 

3. During the colder months, move the pit into a dry indoor space where possible 

4. If in time your pit starts to discolour, touch up paint will bring the pit back to its original sleek finish. 



Product Type
Fire Pit
Powder-Coated Steel
Matte Black
Fire-Pit Height
Steel Thickness
Singular Product Weight
Recommended Fuel Type
Kiln Dried Logs
Match, Firelighters & Kindling
Place of Origin
Northern Ireland
Assembly Required


Outdoor Use Only
  • Place a heat resistant plaque underneath fire-pit
  • Position on flat & even ground
  • Allow fire-pit to cool completely
  • Use only mild cleaning agents to prevent discolouring
In the winter months, store fire-pit in a dry area
Fire Pit Bundle's
Bespoke Jack Daniels Fire Pit

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