£2.86 per pack
  • Pine and Spruce wood
  • Long lasting burn 
  • Low ash residue 
  • Easy to store 
  • Good heat

Nestro heat log briquettes offer a good alternative to burning logs. They offer a long lasting burn and good heat output. 

Full description


Nestro briquettes are made from 100% clean compressed sawdust. The briquettes are suitable for use in multi fuel stoves, fire pits, log burners and open fires. 

The briquettes have a hole through the center, this helps the briquettes to light easily, and to assist airflow. 

With this product you will find that minimal ash and smoke is produced. Along with a clean burn, depending on your appliance, you can expect to get between 1 - 3 hours burn time. 



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Singular Product Weight
Pallet Quantity
  • Quarter Pallet - 24 packs
  • Half Pallet - 48 packs
  • Full Pallet - 96 packs

Fuel Specification

Product Type
Wood Species
Pine and Spruce
Place of Origin
Ash Residue
Burning Features
  • Clean Burn
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to Store
  • Long Burn
  • Low Ash Residue
  • Low Smoke Output
Moisture Content

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Open Fires, Wood Stoves, Fire pits ,

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