RRP £399.00
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  • Versatile & Easy To Use Firepit
  • Produces Beautifully Wood-Fired Food
  • High Heat Char Grills Food In Minutes
  • Well Made & High Quality Materials
  • Handmade In The UK

The Plain Jane Fire Pit is an especially popular product, providing a gorgeous atmosphere & having a unique Swing Arm BBQ Rack, featuring a half grill & half plate surface; making it a great multitasker. This fire pit is great for people looking for a warm, cosy atmosphere day or night & for those who want beautifully char grilled food. Not only is the BBQ rack completely removable but it also offers control without sacrifice to produce the highest quality cooking.

Our Plain Jane 80 Fire Pit is a high quality product made from 3mm thick steel, coming with a bowl that has a diameter of 80cm and a weight of 30kg. This fire pit is ideal for groups of up to 10 people.

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The Plain Jane Fire Pit is a highly versatile product being great for those looking for the classic fire pit experience & for those who want to cook up a sizzling feast. The swing BBQ arm provides both a half grill & a half plate, adding further to your choice of cooking. It is also highly mobile, allowing you to easily move your food on & off of the heat in an instant, while also making it much easier to add more logs into your fire. The swing arm can also be completely removed, incase you have no plans of cooking or you wish to add a different tool instead.

Fuel & Firelighting Supplies For Your Fire Pit

Needs some Fuel or firelighting supplies with your order? Then you can find our fuel & fire starting supplies here!

Maintaining Your Fire Pit

Although your fire pit will rust over time, especially if it is left outside; there are ways that this can be delayed. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend your fire pits lifespan, although rust won't hamper your fire pit from working properly. 

  • If rust forms you can clean it off with a wire brush & a metal treating oil, such as WD40
  • Remove any left over ash, unburnt bits of wood & other debris after use
  • Protect the fire pit with a lid, cover or store it in a dry place
  • If your fire pit gets wet then you should dry it off with a cloth
  • If possible use the fire pit on a hard & dry location

Natural blemishes can occur from the steel making process and there may be slight variations in the forging & finish of the product but this will not affect the performance of the fire pit. All the fire pits are handmade with extra care taken to ensure you get a top of the line product.



Product Type
Fire Pit, Fire Bowl,
100% Steel
Heat Treated
Fire-Pit Height
Steel Thickness
Singular Product Weight
Recommended Fuel Type
Kiln Dried Logs
Match, Firelighters & Kindling
Place of Origin
Assembly Required


Outdoor Use Only
Position on flat & even ground
Allow fire-pit to cool completely
In the winter months, store fire-pit in a dry area

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