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  • Produces Beautifully Wood-Fired Pizzas
  • High Heat Produces Pizzas In Minutes
  • Easy To Use & Light
  • Well Made & High Quality Materials
  • Handmade In The UK

This top of the line Tabletop Pizza Oven meets the huge demand for wood-fired pizza cooking but with a high quality, long lasting, all British alternative. Being handmade in the UK you can be assured of its top of the line quality that will make this pizza oven last for years to come.

Enjoy easy & quick to cook delicious wood-fired pizza with this high quality product. It comes with an easily accessible fire box at the back of the oven, which can be filled with kindling and from there the flames travel over the ceiling of the oven to create an even higher heat output. This ensures your pizzas come out the gooiest & stringiest cheese, while having a crispy & flavourful crust. This pizza oven is great for all year round outdoor cooking, cooking pizza in minutes.

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This Table Top Pizza oven comes in a compact form making it ideal for all sizes of garden, while giving you a pizza that any chef could be proud of. This product is handmade in the UK, being made from British mild steel, it includes a small fire box at the back which is easily accessible and should be filled with softwood kindling for the best cooking experience. This pizza over should be lit around 30 minutes before you intend to start cooking, while remembering to show care when using the oven as it can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees.

To get the best results when using the pizza oven, we recommend using pine kindling, no longer than 17cm. Other softwood are also good choices, you are looking specifically for a wood that will burn with a strong flame and leave no embers. Very dense hardwoods are not suitable as they will provide a lot of hit but they will not produce the flames. They will also burn for too long for most cooking sessions.

Fuel & Firelighting Supplies For Your Pizza Oven

Needs some Fuel or firelighting supplies with your order? Then you can find our fuel & fire starting supplies here!

Maintaining Your Pizza Oven

Although your pizza oven will rust over time, especially if it is left outside; there are ways that this can be delayed. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend your pizza oven lifespan, although rust won't hamper your pizza oven from working properly. 

  • If rust forms you can clean it off with a wire brush & a metal treating oil, such as WD40
  • Remove any left over ash, unburnt bits of wood & other debris after use
  • Protect the pizza oven with a lid, cover or store it in a dry place
  • If your pizza oven gets wet then you should dry it off with a cloth
  • If possible use the pizza oven on a hard & dry location

Natural blemishes can occur from the steel making process and there may be slight variations in the forging & finish of the product but this will not affect the performance of the pizza oven. All the pizza ovens are handmade with extra care taken to ensure you get a top of the line product.



Product Type
Pizza Oven
100% Steel
Steel Thickness
Singular Product Weight
Recommended Fuel Type
Spruce Kindling
Match, Firelighters & Kindling
Place of Origin
Assembly Required


Outdoor Use Only
Position on flat & even ground