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  • 12 Packs of Briquettes
  • Kindling & Firelighters Included 

This ready-made pallet gives you the option to try our new range of briquettes, at a discounted price! Complete with everything you need to get the fire going, this pallet also contains our kiln-dried kindling and our eco wood wool firelighters. 

Included in this order:

3 x Wood Wool firelighters

6 x Kindling nets 

4 x Pini Kay briquettes

4 x Glow Heat Logs

4 x Superheat Briquettes

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Wood briquettes are a fantastic alternative to burning traditional firewood, they burn for longer and are more cost-effective in the long run. What's more, their compact size makes them easier to store. 


  • A slow-burning fuel, with a consistent heat output 
  • A natural and environmentally friendly product 
  • Easy and convenient to store 
  • More cost-effective than traditional firewood 


Light your fire as normal with your kindling, once the kindling is flaming away, add 2 - 3 briquettes to the fire. Briquettes expand while burning so be sure not to overfill your appliance. 

The briquettes will give off a nice flame initially, once burnt through, they will start the smolder/ glow more than flame. Once the briquettes have broken down in size, add a couple more on if you want to keep the fire lit for longer. 

Once burnt through, the ash produced from the briquettes retains heat. Be sure that the ashes have cooled properly before cleaning out your appliance. 


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