• Leading brand Firelighters
  • Individually wrapped 
  • Easy to use 
  • No lasting smell

Tiger Tim firelighters are made by a leading brand, the firelighters are easy to use and typically stay lit for approx. 4 minutes. 

They are individually wrapped, with 18 firelighters per pack. In our opinion, using these firelighters is the easiest way to start a fire. 

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These firelighters are simple and hygienic to use, you just need to light the foil and build your kindling around the firelighter. 

They are suitable to use in smokeless zones, for domestic solid fuel appliances, which includes multi fuel stoves. 

These firelighters are produced with the highest grade kerosene jet fuel. 


Fuel Specification

Product Type

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Open Fires, Chimeneas, Wood Stoves, Fire pits ,