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From £7.30 per bag
  • 500kg/ 25 x 20kg Bags
  • Super Absorbent 
  • Light In Colour

There is currently a European-wide shortage of wood pellets, our pellet supply is limited. Please call us to discuss availability/ to arrange delivery. Our contact number is 01484 653 768.

Fitzpatrick Fuels horse bedding wood pellets are made from FSC certified soft wood timber. They are 100% virgin wood and do not contain any additives or chemicals.

Our wood pellets are packed into strong and durable 20kg bags (typically twice the size of most wood pellet bags). This means that you have less plastic to dispose of after use. This pallet contains 25 x 20kg bags, giving you 500kg on this pallet. 

Wood pellets have the ability to absorb up to three times their own weight in liquid, making them significantly more absorbent that other types of horse bedding. In turn, wood pellets are becoming an increasingly popular option for horse bedding. 

The price of these wood pellets includes 20% VAT, if you are using these wood pellets for heating purposes, please visit our wood pellets page for 5% VAT prices. 

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Fitzpatrick Fuels wood pellets offer premium quality standard for horse bedding. The wood pellets come from sustainably managed forests with the promise of no additives or chemicals and are made up of 100% natural soft wood, specifically, pine and birch.

We pack our own wood pellets at our site based in Huddersfield. We use a strong and durable plastic bag to prevent rips and tears, and we pack our wood pellets into 20kg bags. Our 20kg bags mean that when buying a full pallet, you receive a full 1000kg of pellet bedding, and there is less plastic to dispose of after use. Wood pellets are typically packed into 10kg or 15kg bags. This pallet contains 25 x 20kg bags, which is 500kg of wood pellets.

Wood pellets are becoming an increasingly popular form of horse bedding for a number or reasons, including the ones listed below:


Wood pellets have the ability to absorb up to three times their weight in liquid, making them significantly more absorbent than other types of horse bedding such as straw and shavings.

A more absorbent bed means less time spent mucking out. On top of this, you can clearly see the wet patches on pellet bedding, allowing you to just remove these patches, rather than the full bed each time.


Wood pellets are formed under intense heat, the degree of heat that they are made under kills bacteria and other unwanted nasties. Along with the heat element, wood pellets have a naturally pleasant smell which can help reduce the odor of ammonia coming from horse urine.

Time saver:

As mentioned above, using wood pellets as bedding allows you to see the areas that need replacing, rather than replacing the full bed each time. Once the dirty parts of the bedding have been removed, you can simply add extra pellets to ‘top up’ the bed, rather than starting from scratch.

How to use:

The size of your stable is dependent on the amount of bags that you will need to create the pellet bed. A 12ft by 12ft stable with rubber matting will require approximately 5 – 8 bags of our pellets.

To start, place the sealed bags of wood pellets on the stable floor. Carefully slit each bag, and pull the plastic back. Then poor approximately half a standard bucket of water into each bag to ‘activate’ the wood pellets. From here the pellets will start to swell into a soft bedding.

Once you have added water to the wood pellets, leave them to absorb the water for about 20 – 30 minutes. Here you will notice the pellets expanding in size. Once the pellets have absorbed all of the water, empty the pellets out onto the stable floor. The texture of the pellets will now be soft and fluffy. There will however, still be some pellets that haven’t broken down.

Next, you should spread the pellet bedding out evening with a fork. From here, the bed of pellets is ready!

Upkeep/Mucking out:

When mucking out, remove solids and saturated patches daily while leaving the rest of the pellets in the stable. The wet patches of bedding will separate from the dry areas of the bed.

To replenish the areas you have taken from the bedding, add one to two bags of our pellets per week. Add these bags in the same way that you created the bed to start with, wet the pellets, allow them time to soak up the water, and then spread them into the stable.

If you have a particularly wet horse, you could add some dry pellets into the stable. These will be activated naturally by your horse.

Pellet Bedding Prices/ VAT rate:

As horses are considered a luxury item, wood pellets for horse bedding carry 20% VAT rate. This is the reason that pellets for bedding look to be much more expensive than pellets for heating purposes, they carry an extra 15% VAT rate.


Product Type
Animal Bedding, Horse Bedding,
Fitzpatrick Fuels
Pallet Quantity
Half Pallet - 25 bags
Bedding Features
  • No Chemicals Additives or Glues
  • Pellet is Light in Colour
  • Made from Untreated Wood
  • 100% Biodegradable Wood
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Easy to Remove Once Used
  • Dust Extracted
  • Natural Wood Aroma
  • Easy to Store
VAT Rate
5% VAT For Heating, 20% VAT for Bedding,

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