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  • Bulk Fire Pit Logs 
  • Low Moisture Content 
  • Good Value for Money

These builders bags contain ash or birch logs, you can also order a mixed bag and get the best of both worlds. 

The logs contain a low moisture content which contributes to giving off a good amount of heat, and little smoke output. These bulk bags offer better value than the pre-packed nets. 

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Why do birch logs make a good fire pit fuel? 

Birch logs are apart of the hard wood family, however, they are softer than the likes of ash and oak logs. This means that they light very easily, give off a nice flame, and get hotter quicker. 

With a moisture content of 15% or lower, these kiln dried logs do not produce much smoke, which is ideal when you're relaxing in the garden! 

Why do ash logs make a good fire pit fuel?

Again, referring back to the moisture content, come in under 15%. Products with a lower moisture content emit less smoke, and they also give off a higher heat than the likes of wet logs or seasoned logs. 

Ash belongs to the hard wood family, making this product a longer burner than other logs types such as birch & alder. 

This type of wood burns for a good amount of time, gives off little smoke and is easy to work with. 

How do I start a fire on my fire pit? 

To start the fire, you will need firelighters and kindling. Place a handful of kindling into the base of the fire pit, add a firelighter, and then stack more pieces of kindling around the firelighter. When ready, use a long match of lighter to ignite the firelighter. 

Once the kindling is burning away, you can start to add a couple of logs of birch. It is important to remember that any type of fuel will produce smoke when it is first lit. However, when burning properly, the smoke will reduce. 

Add a more logs as necessary or when the fire starts to slow down. Do not leave the fire pit unattended, and if you need to put the fire out quickly, simply pour water over the fire pit. 

Can I use anything else with this product?

As mentioned above, you will need firelighters and kindling to start the fire. If you want to make the birch logs last longer in the fire pit, you could add one of our charcoal products. This will give you a nice combination of nice flames to look at, and less refueling as charcoal products burn for longer than logs. 


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