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  • Beautiful natural colour
  • Good to walk on 
  • Instant modern transformation
  • Available in small bags & bulk

    These 20mm Plum Slate chippings are ideal for use on paths, drives and ground cover. The chippings range in shades of plum to blue, and are a dusky colour when dry, and vibrant when wet. 

    This aggregate offers a modern and stylish transformation to any garden or landscape project, also adding a pop of colour and vibrancy to desired areas. 

    As this slate is a naturally quarried product, you can expect variations in size, colour and shape, adding texture and detail to areas placed. 

    Full description


    Decorative aggregates are natural products sourced from quarries throughout the country. As with all natural products, there will be variances on size, colour and shape. Aggregates are not a uniform product, and although graded to a size, there will be a range of sizes/shapes within this. 

    Our bulk aggregates come direct from the quarries and are not washed before hand. On first appearance, they may look a little dull in colour, their true appearance will come through once the stones have been rinsed through with water. 

    *Due to the current Covid-19 situation, manufacturers are struggling pack the product quickly enough to fulfil orders. Although the same product, the bag design may vary depending on what is available. 


    Product Type
    Decorative Aggregate
    Bulk Bag Volume
    750 kg
    Product is ideal for:
    • Creating Garden Paths
    • Creating Drives
    • Creating Garden Beds and Borders
    • Weed Suppression
    Key Features & Benefits
    • Available in Easy to Use Small Bags
    • Beautiful Natural Colours
    • Lays Flat & Easy to Walk On
    • Adds a Modern Look to Gardens
    • Easy to Use & Maintain
    Order Options
    Bulk Bag, 20kg Bag,
    Size Grading
    Purple, Plum & Blue Tones, Vibrant & Distinct When Wet,
    Not Suitable For
    Use around fish