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  • High Quality Combined Feed & Weed Killer
  • Effective Against Most Broad-leaved weeds
  • Grow Thicker & Greener Lawns
  • 500ml Bottle Treats 100m²
  • All In One Lawn Care
  • Kills Weeds & Moss, While Feeding The Lawn
  • Provides a Thicker & Healthier Lawn
  • Greener In Just 7 Days
  • 2.88kg Box, Treats 90m²
  • Fast Growing, Hardy Grass
  • Luscious, Vibrant Green Grass
  • 38% More Grass Grown
  • 1.5kg Pack With 42m² Coverage
RRP £20.00
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Revamp your Lawn with Fitzpatrick’s high-quality range of lawn care products. Our lawn care products contain everything you need to keep your lawn in top top shape. Have the brightest, most vibrant green grass with our full collection!

Grass Seed 

Our grass seeds are a durable, vibrant mix of greens that are sure to please the eye and feel great underfoot. We stock a wide range of grass seeds to give you a swathe of different options so that you can pick the perfect grass for your garden.

Feed & Weed Lawn Care

Our feed & weed lawn care products are perfect for improving the lawn you already have. Whether it be feeding your grass, to increase its vibrancy and thickness. Or removing any troublesome weeds or moss. These products are sure to make your garden flourish.

Soil Additives

Is your soil not performing the way you want it to, leaving your grass looking dim or swamped? We stock a variety of soil additives that are perfect to blend into your soil to help with drainage or improve moisture retention.

General Information

We also stock a variety of other essential gardening products! See our full range of Garden Products for more great products & ideas.

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