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  • Hardy, Fine Grass
  • Rich, Vibrant Green Grass
  • Rugged General Purpose Grass
  • 1.5kg Pack With 42m² Coverage

All-round lawn grass seed has been specially designed to provide a hardy, quick to establish fine grass. Providing both a good looking grass and wear resistance. It comes in an easy to use 1.5kg box, which can be shaken on to lawns or put into a spreader. With each box covering a total of 42m².

This grass seed is a special blend of fine-leaved perennial ryegrass, chewings fescue and creeping red fescue. The hight proportion of fescues produce a dense fine-leaves sward. This grass will be perfect for most people.

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All of the varieties in this lawn seed blend are tested and listed by the STRI, the only independent UK organisation for the testing and evaluation of lawn grasses.

How To Sow A Lawn


Time spent preparing the soil before sowing will make a big difference to the quality and resilience of your final lawn.

  • Remove all weeds, surface stones and debris.
  • Dig or relocate the soil to a depth of 15-22cm.
  • Create a level, firm surface by close treading, heel to heel or by rolling the whole area. Rake until the surface soil is fine.
  • If possible leave the area to settle for a few weeks. Level any even areas and remove any weeds that appear.
  • To give the lawn a good start a pre-sowing fertiliser can be ranked in at the recommended rate. Seed should not be sown until 5-7 days after application.


  • The best time to sow is when the soil is warming up after a rain shower.
  • Shake the box before sowing half the seed across the area to give even coverage.
  • Sow at the rate of around 35g per M².
  • Rake in the seed. If no rain falls within 1 week, then water thoroughly with a fine spray.
  • The sown area should be kept moist until the seed is well established. Young grass will appear in 14-21 days.
  • Weeds are likely to appear from the soil. These will be killed off with regular mowing.

General Lawn Care

  • If the weather is dry, keep the soil moist with regular watering using a fine spray.
  • Keep off the lawn until the grass is 5-8cm high.
  • Make the first cut at this stage, just 'topping' the grass. Subsequent cuts can gradually be lowered to an ideal height of 25mm. This blend may be cut lower. This will gradually kill off the ryegrass, producing a finer lawn.
  • Mow regularly to maintain a healthy lawn (try not to remove more than one third of the height is any one mow).
  • A good fertiliser should be applied at least once a year as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Rake off dead leaves in the autumn and spring.


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Durable, Versatile, Super Soft, Rich Green Colour, Fine Leaved,
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General Purpose Lawns
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Shaker Pack, By Hand, With Common Gardening Tools,
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