Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality products, at the best prices possible. By doing this, one of our main focus areas is transparency.

When browsing through our website, you will notice that we have added a great detail of information to our product descriptions. Any product that you buy from us is genuine. We make a special effort to obtain as much information from the manufacturers of our fuels, so we can provide you with the right information to choose the best fuel for your home. When it comes to smokeless fuels, you will also notice that all our products are from popular brands, that are all registered on the authorised smokeless fuels list.

We offer a varied range of products that are available on the fuel market, at varying prices. We offer a big range of products to try and suit everyone’s budget, whilst still offering good quality.

Within the fuel industry, product prices change for many reasons. This could be due to manufacturing costs, import costs, inflation, demand or for products that are sourced overseas, the value of the pound. If we know that a popular product is likely to increase in price, we always try to find a cheaper alternative that is similar in quality.

Alongside the cost of the fuels we sell, we also have a transparent delivery model. Often when shopping online for fuel, you will find that the delivery cost is incorporated into the product price. Although the promise of free nationwide delivery seems cost effective, you can often end up spending more to buy a product with the incorporated delivery cost.

We use a company called Pink Link to deliver our fuels to customers that live outside of our own delivery area. If you live outside of our delivery area, the cost that you see on the checkout page is a % of the cost we get charged from Pink Link. You will receive a flat cost for delivery, without being overcharged by product inflation fees to deliver.

Once you enter your postcode into the checkout page, our site calculates the amount of weight in your cart. From here, we are able to tell you how much more weight you are able to add to your cart, without any additional delivery costs.

When buying from Fitzpatrick Fuels, you will never receive a product that is different to the description online, you will never buy a ‘smokeless fuel’ that is not on the authorised fuel list, and you will never over pay for a delivery. On top of this, you can be assured that the prices you see online, are the lowest they can be, whilst enabling us to operate a business that will be around to offer high quality, for years to come.