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  • Packed into 60L bags
  • Contains Essential Plant Foods
  • Wide range of uses
  • Balanced Blend of Peat

Bayview Multi-Purpose Compost is a balanced blend of Sedge and Sphagnum peat, with added plant foods. It is great for general garden use, and for a huge range of plants. This product offers superb planting conditions, making this a good all rounder for the garden. 

Bayview Multi Purpose Compost is a 100% peat based compost. It does not contain any green waste materials, or wood fibre fillers. 

This compost contains all the essential plant foods needed for 4-6 weeks after planting. After this time it is advisable to use a liquid plant feed to maintain good healthy growth.

This compost is recommended for:

  • General gardening use
  • Hanging baskets, containers and troughs
  • Sowings and cuttings 
  • Potting and planting
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Bayview Peat multi-purpose garden compost contains essential plant foods, has a wide range of uses, and contains a balanced blend of Sedge and Sphagnum peat.