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  • Gives a Decorative Top Dressing
  • Improve Soil Texture
  • Improves Structure & Drainage 

A staple for many soils, it is an essential ingredient in improving the structure and drainage of even the heaviest, clay-based soils by opening up the soil to create small pockets for water to drain through.

Coarse Grit:

  • Used in potting compost mixes and planters
  • Provides a decorative top dressing for succulents, alpines, cacti and rock plants
  • Washed and lime-free

There are many reasons why gardeners use Coarse Grit. Firstly it has a neutral PH and it is also easy to work with, making it perfect for beginners or experts. Coarse Grit improves the overall texture and structure of soil enabling the best growing environment for plants, shrubs and crops. Helping with both drainage and soil versatility.

Coarse Grit can also add weight to pots and planters to ensure they remain fully rooted during adverse weather, or used for pond and aquatic planting.


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