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  • Fine, Decorative Grass
  • Perfect Patch Lawn Repair
  • Ideal for Low Wear, Decorative Areas
  • 0.25kg Pack With 7m² Coverage

    Mr Fothergills patch repair seed without ryegrass is perfect for those pesky patches in lawns that just need a little extra TLC. These seeds are completely ryegrass free, meaning they produce a fine, decorative grass. Ideal for lawns that don't receive as much wear and tear, while standing out with their perfect grass. This pack comes in a 0.25kg box, which has a coverage of 7m².

    These seeds are a special blend of fine-leaved grasses, which includes chewings fescue, creeping red fescue and browntop bentgrass. These combine to produce a dense, rich lawn of the finest quality that will withstand close mowing. Making it idea for repairing ornamental and show lawns.

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    All of the varieties in this lawn seed blend are tested and listed by the STRI, the only independent UK organisation for the testing and evaluation of lawn grasses.

    How To Repair Patches In A Lawn


    Areas left bald through wear or weeding can be re-seeded as follows.

    • Loosen the surface of the soil by firmly raking in a criss-cross pattern.
    • Remove any surface stones and weeds.
    • Firm and level the surface by close treading over the whole area, then rake until soil surface is fine.
    • If possible, leave the area for a week or two. Level any uneven areas and remove any weeds that apear.


    • Shake the box before sowing. Sow half the seed along the area and half the seed across the area to give an even coverage.
    • Sow at a rate of 35g per 1m².
    • Lightly rake in the seed. If no rain falls within 1 week, water thoroughly with a fine spray.
    • Keep moist until well established. Young grass will apear in 14-21 days.
    • Weeds may appear from the soil. These will be killed off with mowing.

    General Lawn Care

    • If the weather is dry keep the soil moist with regular watering using a fine spray.
    • Keep off the lawn until the grass is 5-8cm tall.
    • The first cut can be made at this stage, removing no more than one third of the growth.


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    Key Features
    Versatile, Super Soft, Rich Green Colour, Quick Grower, Fine Leaved, Great Appearance, Without Ryegrass,
    Product is ideal for:
    Patch Repairing Lawns
    Application Method
    Shaker Pack, By Hand, With Common Gardening Tools,
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    Grass Seed