£6.20 per bag
  • 60L Premium Quality Compost 
  • Contains Essential Plant Nutrients 
  • Suitable for All Life Stages

Durston's premium quality multi-purpose compost contains essential plant nutrients and wetting agents, blended together for water absorption, aeration and drainage. 

This compost is packed into a 60l bag, and is suitable for all gardening uses & all plant life stages. 

Durstons compost contains a unique additive called GRO Boost, which is a specially formulated blend of organic materials from renewable sources, benefiting the environment, and also benefiting your plants by giving them a long lasting nutrient boost. 

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Product Type
Product is ideal for:
  • General Gardening Use
  • Huge range of plants
  • Hanging Baskets, Containers and Troughs
  • Sowings and Cuttings
  • Potting and Planting
Key Features & Benefits
  • Enriched With Nutrients Lasting 4 - 6 Weeks
  • Absorbs water for strong root & plant growth
  • Broad range of uses
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