• Traditional Sturdy Design
  • Full 360 Viewing Angles
  • High Quality & Handcrafted
  • Genuine Slate Roof & Heavy Duty Base

The Baby Ryedale Bird Table makes an adorable addition to any garden, with its traditional design. This bird table features a genuine slate roof and a heavy duty base. While also having full 360 viewing angles around the table. This table is the perfect little hangout for any birds in your garden. Providing a cool place for birds to relax, eat and socialise.

The Baby Ryedale bird table has timber that has smoothed edges to give it a more clean traditional look. It is handcrafted and made from only the highest quality materials, so that you can be sure it will last. This bird table stands at a height of 165cm and it is protected with a heavy duty base that is odourless and non toxic.

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This bird table stands at a height of 165cm.

Bird Feeding Tips

When putting out food for the birds in your garden, there are a few things you can be doing to give them that bit of extra support. Firstly you will want to feed the birds in your garden frequently and continuously throughout the year. As birds quickly become dependent on you for food once your start feeding them.

Secondly it is best to serve seeds or fat products from your bird tables. Do not put out whole peanuts as this can be a choking hazard for young birds. Finally it is ideal to have several feeding sites around your garden, as this helps to prevent overcrowding of any one location and lets you offer a variety of food.

Variations In Wood

When purchasing your product you should check your wooden furniture for two specific things:

  • Check to make sure there are no splits bigger than a 2p coin
  • Make sure there are no dead knots in the wood

Alive knots & splits no bigger than a 2p coin are completely fine and will not affect the durability of your wood.


FSC Certified
Build Difficulty
Assembly Required
Product Type
Bird Table/House