• Easy To Use
  • Durable Steel Pegs
  • 4 Pegs Per Pack
  • Ideal For Lawns & Soft Ground

These Heavy Duty Stabiliser Pegs are perfect to fix you bird table firmly into position. Never have to worry about bad weather or raucous animals pushing over your bird tables again. Simply place the pegs over the feet of your bird table and then push them firmly into the ground.

These pegs are ideal for lawns and other soft ground. They are made from a durable steel and each pack contains 4 pegs, enough for on bird table each.

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Bird Feeding Tips

When putting out food for the birds in your garden, there are a few things you can be doing to give them that bit of extra support. Firstly you will want to feed the birds in your garden frequently and continuously throughout the year. As birds quickly become dependent on you for food, once your start feeding them.

Secondly it is best to serve seeds or fat products from your bird tables. Do not put out whole peanuts as this can be a choking hazard for young birds. Finally it is ideal to have several feeding sites around your garden, as this helps to prevent overcrowding of any one location and lets you offer a variety of food.


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Bird Table/House