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  • Easy to light 
  • Convenient fuel 
  • Easy to store 
  • 2 house burn time

Easy light briquettes are a convenient alternative to burning logs. Simply light the paper in your stove, and enjoy a 2 hour burn duration, with a nice bright flame. 

The uniform shape of these briquettes allows them to stack away and store easily. 

From £1.00
  • Hardwood briquette 
  • Good heat output 
  • Bright flame
  • Cost effective 
  • 6 briquettes/pack

These briquettes are made up of compressed sawdust, they light easily and give off a bright flame. To use these briquettes, simply start your fire with a few bits of kindling, break the briquette in half and add to the fire. 

From £4.50
  • Ireland's favourite fuel 
  • Easy to light 
  • Long burn time 
  • 100% natural products 
  • 20 briquettes/pack
  • Back in stock 03/09/18

Irish peat briquettes are a great alternative to burning logs or coal. They burn at hot temperatures and have a long burn time, along with giving a traditional Irish homely feeling. 

These briquettes will be back in stock on Monday 3rd September. 

From £4.75
  • Low Cost Firelighters
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to store
  • Manufactured by Tiger Tim

These firelighters are manufactured by leading manufacturer, Tiger Tim. These firelighters are a low cost way to start your fire, and each pack can be separated into 15 individual firelighters. 

  • Leading brand Firelighters
  • Individually wrapped 
  • Easy to use 
  • No lasting smell

Tiger Tim firelighters are made by a leading brand, the firelighters are easy to use and typically stay lit for approx. 4 minutes. 

They are individually wrapped, with 18 firelighters per pack. In our opinion, using these firelighters is the easiest way to start a fire. 

  • Eco-friendly 
  • Long burn time 
  • Easy to store 
  • Little expansion 
  • 12 briquettes/pack

Birch Briquettes are a high performing heat log that is a great alternative to traditional logs. Briquettes are formed under very high pressure and therefore offer good heat and long burn time. 

From £3.50
  • Long lasting 
  • Good heat 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Carbon neutral 
  • 4 briquettes/pack

These heat log briquettes are manufactured from clean wood waste and give an attractive flame to look at. 

From £3.00

Eco Briquettes are the ultimate contender for high value heat generation! Briquettes deliver great energy due to their low moisture content and greater density. A typical pallet of wood briquettes will contain approximately 5000Kwh of energy, which is 50% more than the energy content of a 2m Kiln Dried firewood crate. 

Briquettes are of great value.  They are also a clean and convenient alternative to traditional firewood.