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  • Bright & Lively Flame
  • Easy To Light Firewood
  • Quick Heat Output

Kiln dried silver birch logs offer a great heat output and nice lively flame in the fire. Unbeknownst to some, silver birch is actually the most widely used firewood in the UK. 

As part of the hardwood log family, birch firewood offers a good burn duration and heat output. Birch and oak compliment each other very well, birch lights very easily and offers a quick heat, whilst oak takes a bit more to get going but burns a lot slower.

Our logs are FSC Certified, and sourced responsibly from a reputable producer, offering consistently good quality, along with the peace of mind that your fuel is being sourced in the right way.

All of our firewood is certified with the Ready to Burn scheme, our certificate number is: WS480/00001. This gives you peace of mind that all of our firewood is properly kiln dried, and has a moisture content of 20% or less.

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Kiln dried silver birch logs are perfect if you plan to burn for a short time, for example with an open fire or if cooking.

It is an ideal fuel for wood burners during the evening or at weekends, its distinct and flaky bark producing a bright, lively flame that gives off a sweet aroma.

Is birch good for firewood?

While classified as a hardwood, birch is not as dense as ash and oak. 

That means it is easy to light and burns fiercely, reaching an optimum temperature more quickly but remaining there for a shorter length of time. As a result, it is a preferred choice among those looking for a quick and easy heat source - such as when catering with a pizza oven. 

If you want a fire that burns for longer, mixing one of our smokeless fuels with this product will do the trick.

All the firewood sold by Fitzpatrick Fuels is air dried before being split and put into a kiln. 

Left there for an average of seven days, the process draws out excess water to leave a moisture content rating of less than 20 per cent.

Are kiln dried logs environmentally friendly?

Fitzpatrick Fuels’ range of kiln dried firewood is sourced responsibly, and our preferred log producers are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – an international, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of forests.

How to use:

Store your logs in a dry place. 

Always clean your stove or burner before starting a new fire; having too much ash residue restricts airflow, making it harder for you to light a fire. 

To do so, put a handful of kindling in the stove and add a couple of firelighters. Light the firelighters, with a long match or lighter, before placing another handful of kindling on top. 

Once the kindling is burning with a flame, add two or three kiln dried birch logs to the fire.  

When they’re alight, reduce the amount of air directed into the fire to guarantee that the logs burn for longer.

Use more as required.



Product Size
Builders Bag
Packed Cubic Meter Volume
Approx. Product Weight

Fuel Specification

Product Type
Wood Species
Birch and Oak
Type of Wood
Kiln Dried
Log Length
25 cm
Moisture Content
Less Than 20%
Place of Origin
FSC Certified
Responsibly Sourced
Burning Features
  • Attractive Flame
  • Clean Burn
  • Easy to Light
  • Fast Burn
  • High Heat Output
  • Low Smoke Output

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Open Fires, Chimeneas, Wood Stoves, Fire pits , Pizza Ovens , Wood Fired Hot Tub,
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