£115.00 per bag
RRP £130.00
Save £15.00
  • Approx. 750kg in Weight
  • Great for Weed Suppression 
  • Local Crane Off Delivery

Our Pea Gravel comes in a mixture of brown and cream tones, turning glossy and darker when wet. Pea Gravel can be used for a multitude of uses including for driveways, water features, pathways, garden borders, bedding, drainage pipes and in fine Concrete as well. 

Its huge variety of uses is also helped by its neutral and muted colours, allowing it to blend well into most gardens. Pea Gravel is hard-wearing, meaning it’ll last a long time, while also not requiring a lot of maintenance. It is also great at being a natural weed suppressant, it is pleasant to walk on and works well with other aggregates.

We supply this gravel in easy-to-use 20kg bags, with a size grading of 10mm. Which we deliver locally, using crane-backed trucks to help our customer get their gravel where they need it to be. We also deliver nationwide using a pallet network, more details can be found below about delivery information.


Product Type
Decorative Aggregate, Bulk Aggregates,
Bulk Bag Volume
Product is ideal for:
  • Creating Garden Paths
  • Creating Drives
  • Creating Garden Beds and Borders
  • Weed Suppression
  • Gravel for paths and driveways
  • Drainage Pipes
Key Features & Benefits
  • Great for weed suppression
  • Durable, long lasting & low maintenance
  • Great For Water Features
  • Easy to Use & Maintain
  • Collection of Neutral Colours, Including Brown & Cream
Size Grading
Shades are darker when wet, Grey, Brown & Beige Tones,
Round Gravel