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Our conifer trees are well developed and come with many different styled leaves. You can prune their foliage to whatever shape your desire, but naturally they are in a long plumed flame shape. This conifer pictured has an elegant spherical leaf top. They can grow up to 12m tall! But they will only grow up to fill the amount of space their roots have.

Conifers range from tall, majestic trees to cascading ground cover plants. Some grow rapidly making effective hedges and screens, whilst miniature cultivars are good for rock gardens. Most conifers are evergreen with a range of foliage colour adding form and structure to the garden especially in winter. 

This conifer tree is a Cupressus arizonica, which is a narrowly flame-shaped evergreen conifer with vivid whitish-blue foliage in dense sprays.

There are quite a few different types to choose from including several other different types of trees. With this variety started at £99.99. These plants are available from our Honley site at 12 New Mills Road, HD9 6PL.

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