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  • Variation of neutral colours
  • Great for weed suppression
  • Long lasting 
  • Available in small bags & bulk

Our high-quality Cotswold Chippings, also known as Cotswold Buff are a popular and versatile aggregate. Being made from Limestone, Cotswold Chippings are perfect for driveways and pathways. 

They also feature nicely in gardening and landscaping projects, adding a depth of bright and warm creamy colour to your garden. Cotswold chippings provide a professional finish, while also being cost-effective and long-lasting. 

We provide this gravel in both a 20kg bag and 850kg Bulk bag option, with a size grading of 20mm. Which we deliver locally, using crane-backed trucks to help our customer get their gravel where they need it to be. We also deliver nationwide using a pallet network, more details can be found below about delivery information.

Please note, as with all-natural products, there will be some variation in size and colour tones. 

Full description


Cotswold chippings, otherwise know as Cotswold Buff are considered to be the 'perfect garden chipping', predominantly used for drives and footpaths. This is a great choice if you are looking something to brighten up your garden. The shade variation offered with this product is a nice mixture of shades of cream, white and grey. 

These chippings offer an instant impact and stylish modification to your garden or landscaping project. 

This chipping is made up with Limestone, so therefore it is long lasting and low maintenance. Limestone products are not suitable for some plants. 


Product Type
Decorative Aggregate
Bulk Bag Volume
Product is ideal for:
  • Creating Garden Paths
  • Creating Drives
  • Creating Garden Beds and Borders
  • Weed Suppression
  • Gravel for paths and driveways
  • Landscape Gardening
Key Features & Benefits
  • Variation of neutral colours
  • Great for weed suppression
  • Durable, long lasting & low maintenance
  • Available in small bags & bulk bags
Order Options
Bulk Bag, 20kg Bag,
Size Grading
Neutral shades of cream, white & Grey, Shades are darker when wet,
Angular, Chippings,
Not Suitable For
Lime hating plants, Use around fish,