• UV Resistant 
  • Lightweight
  • Made in Britain

Engineered to defeat the elements, this Outdoor B-bag takes lounging to new places and extremes. All of the fabric colours are fade-resistant even in direct sunlight. Plus the tough and waterproof fabric of our outdoor bean bags is double-stitched for extra durability.

Lightweight yet durable this beanbag is designed for people who want to drift away in an area of their choice! With poly beads stuffing, you are sure to experience a soft and comfortable seating position.

The double stitching, with breathable vents, makes this beanbag perfect for long-term use. The air vents allow for the easy escape of air once pressure has been added to the beanbag, keeping the seams untouched and firm.

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Double Stitched

The seams on these products are double-stitched with a 5’s cotton for extra strength and durability. This makes these products tough enough to withstand the most demanding of loungers.


This product range is designed to be extremely lightweight. With carefully chosen fabrics and hides for not only their high quality but also for their strength and portability. So light, they're easy for even children to move around room to room, venue to venue.

UV Resistant

There is no sadder sight than tired and faded looking furniture. These products are engineered using UV resistant materials. This gives them the superpower of being completely fade-proof, even in direct sunlight.

Made In The UK

Every aspect of these products are designed and made in the UK to guarantee material quality and excellent craftsmanship. Made locally here in Yorkshire, if you're looking for perfect your can't go far wrong with this range.


These products are created for the Great British weather. Being made from incredibly tough and 100% waterproof materials. So, if you get caught in a shower and have to dash inside, it will be perfectly happy outside.

Polyester Beads

Unsurprisingly, the beads play a big part in the comfort of bean bags. These Beanbags contain direct-filled polystyrene beads that are designed to absorb body heat and move to mould around your shape. This is what gives you extreme comfort and support.


There are two key reasons why breathable vents are included on these bean bags. Firstly vents release air quickly to enable your beanbag to rapidly take your shape. Secondly by releasing air quickly, it prevents too much pressure being placed on the seams.


Seating Type
Bean Bags & Beds
Lime Green
Bean Bag Size
H: 94cm, W: 99cm, L: 80cm
Key Features
Lightweight, Made in Britain, UV Resistant, Poly Beads, Weatherproof, Breathable Vents,