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  • Essential For Cooking Food On Fires
  • Easily Move Around Your Food
  • Sturdy & Long Lasting
  • Well Made With High Quality Materials
  • Handmade In The UK

These Tongs are perfect for use on your firepit, with their extra long reach & easy to use design. You won't find better tongs for your firepit anywhere else! But they also work great on BBQs & other cooking fires. Allowing you to easily control how your food is cooked, open fire cooking has never been easier.

These Tongs come in at a length of 40cm, being hand made in the UK from 100% heat treated British steel. These are a top of the line product which are sure to last years to come.

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These Firepit Tongs are a must have accessory for cooking on your firepit. They are easy to hold & use and they also work great with a BBQ. These tongs are great for allowing you to easily control how your food is cooked. Effortlessly turn your food over in the heat to get the burn you desire and then plate up the food quickly & simple when it's cooked.

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Maintaining Your Accessories

Although your accessories will rust over time, especially if they are left outside; there are ways that this can be delayed. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend your accessories lifespan. Although rust won't hamper your accessories from working properly. 

  • If rust forms you can clean it off with a wire brush & a metal treating oil, such as WD40
  • Clean off your accessories after use, removing any left over ash or other debris
  • Protect your accessories with a cover or store it in a dry place
  • If your accessory gets wet then you should dry it off with a cloth

Natural blemishes can occur from the steel making process and there may be slight variations in the forging & finish of the product but this will not affect the performance of your accessories. All the accessories are handmade with extra care taken to ensure you get a top of the line product.



Product Type
Fire Pit Accessory
100% Steel
Heat Treated
Singular Product Weight
Place of Origin
Assembly Required