Alder Firewood - All You Need To Know

Alder Firewood - All You Need To Know

Alder firewood is one of our newer additions to the firewood range. Our firewood suppliers in Lithuania rave about this product and so we thought we would give it a try. As our suppliers said… we have been very impressed with this type of firewood.

Alder firewood is considered to be a hardwood type of firewood; however, it is softer than Ash, Oak and Hornbeam wood. Softer types of firewood tend to burn quicker, but they offer a wonderful burning experience; quick and easy to light, high heat output and a bright and lively flame to look at.

What’s more, Alder firewood gives off a nice authentic firewood smell, the kind of smell you would expect if you were spending the weekend in a log cabin with an open fire.

How does it burn:

Alder firewood has an orange tint to it, which makes them a nice ‘display’ firewood next to the wood burner or multi-fuel stove. As with other types of softer firewood such as birch, Alder logs don’t take much lighting. Simply add your kindling and a couple of firelighters, once the kindling is flaming away, add on a couple of alder logs. We recommend this type of firewood to customers who tend to struggle getting the fire going.

Our Alder firewood is kiln dried to have a moisture content of less than 20%, logs with a lower moisture content light easier and get to temperature quicker. With alder firewood, a high heat and and easy lighting experience is a guarantee.

This firewood is great for people who light their appliance for a couple of hours on an evening, for those who struggle to get the fire started, and for those who like to mix their firewood with a smokeless fuel.

What's more, Alder firewood is the cheapest product in our wood fuel range. 

How Does it Compare?


Birch and alder firewood offer a very similar burning experience, they both have a quick and high heat output, an easy light and nice big flames.


Ash firewood is harder than Alder, it will therefore burn for longer than what alder will. Both of these types of wood light easily and give a nice flame. Alder is cheaper than Ash logs in comparison.


Oak firewood is very dense, therefore offering the longest burn time when it comes to firewood. Alder will burn through quicker than the oak, however, Alder is easier to use, will heat the room quicker, and has a nice big flame.

Pro’s of this Product:

·         Easy to light

·         Very high heat output

·         Authentic firewood smell

·         Attractive looking burn

·         Cheaper firewood in comparison to Ash, Oak, Birch & Hornbeam

Con’s of this Product;

·         Quicker burner than Oak, Ash & Hornbeam

Our Alder firewood is available in various sizes, including hessian sacksBuilders Bags and 1.5m3 crates. We have other wood available in our full firewood range as well. If you are looking for other high quality firewood articles to read, then we have plenty for answer any questions you might have!