Which Type Of Firewood Is Right For You?

Which Type Of Firewood Is Right For You?

At Fitzpatrick Fuels, we now supply a broader range of firewood than before. We currently stock kiln dried Ash, Birch, Oak, Hornbeam. Soon to come to the range is kiln dried Beech and Alder firewood.

Typically, most people tend to opt for either Ash or Birch firewood, but with all these new species options available, which firewood is the best for your household?

All of our firewood comes from very reputable suppliers, who source the firewood responsibly and from a sustainable source. On top of this, all our firewood is kiln dried to a moisture content of below 20%. So generally speaking, all our firewood offers a good burning experience. However, the different firewood species offer slightly different burning characteristics. To offer more insight, we have detailed the different species and how they burn below:

Kiln Dried Ash Firewood:

Ash firewood has been a popular seller for us for the last 5 years. Ash tends to be the most well-known firewood in the UK for a longer burn duration and is often recommended by stove manufacturers and suppliers. Ash is classified as a hardwood log, and has a longer burn duration than Birch and Alder firewood. It gives off a nice big flame, and a good heat output.

In recent years, ash has become more expensive due to the high demand of this product, and the supply shortage.

How does ash burn:

  • Offers a longer burn duration than birch & alder
  • Good flame
  • Steady heat output

Kiln Dried Birch Firewood:

Birch firewood is used for different purposes, from heating your home, to use in pizza ovens and for outdoor heating appliances. Birch, a hardwood firewood (although softer than its peers in this category), offers a good, hot heat. The heat output that this firewood offers is why it is so popular for the use of pizza ovens, it lights quickly, and gets to temperature quickly.

Kiln dried birch firewood also tends to smoke less when ignited then other types of firewood. This aspect makes it a particularly good option for fire pits, chimeneas or camping weekend.

Birch logs are a great option for those who only want to light the fire for a couple of hours on an evening. Birch firewood is also a great fuel to mix with denser fuels. If you struggle to get the fire going when using smokeless coals or dense firewood’s (like Oak & Hornbeam), starting the fire with birch logs offers a nice big flame, allowing the denser fuels to ignite easier.

How does birch burn:

  • Lights easily
  • Has a very high heat output
  • Nice, roaring flame to look at

Kiln Dried Hornbeam Firewood:

Hornbeam is one of our newer firewood offerings, available in 2m Crates & builders’ bags (soon to be available in 1.5m crates as well). As a firewood, Hornbeam is not as widely known as other species. That being said, Hornbeam is not a firewood to be dismissed. This type of wood is a very hard and dense type of firewood. Harder woods can be difficult to work with if they have not been dried properly. However, with a moisture content of below 20%, you can expect a pleasant burn.

Due to the density of Hornbeam, it will burn for longer than Ash, Birch and Alder logs. If you find that you are refuelling your heating appliance too often, this type of firewood would be a great option to try. Hornbeam firewood offers a slow burn, with a very high heat output. Birch or alder logs would complement this firewood if you struggle to get it started.

How does hornbeam burn:

  • Offers a very slow burn with a high heat output
  • Needs refuelling much less often that other firewood’s
  • Pleasant to look at, has a nice flame for an authentic burn

Kiln Dried Oak Firewood:

Both Oak & Hornbeam firewood offer very similar burning characteristics, this is due to the density of the firewood. Oak produces a flame initially and then reduces down to a small flame/glow. This firewood will burn for longer than ash, birch and alder and for those who know how to use it properly, is a very popular and sought-after firewood.

How does oak burn:

  • Burns slowly and for a long time
  • Gives off a small flame
  • Produces a long-lasting heat, even emitting heat when just the embers remain.

Kiln Dried Alder Firewood:

Alder firewood does not have a good reputation throughout the UK. We can only assume that this is from burning Alder that has not been dried or seasoned properly. The majority of our firewood comes from Lithuania, all of our Lithuanian suppliers cannot understand why Alder is not popular in the UK. It is their most widely used fuel, and the only product that our suppliers would use on pizza ovens or even when barbecuing.

So, with the recurring good comments about Alder firewood, we decided to trial this product. We have not been disappointed! Alder is a softer firewood than birch, so therefore much softer than oak and hornbeam logs. Alder will not burn for as long as these harder firewood’s, but it is very easy to use, it lights quickly and similarly to birch, kicks out a high heat output. This firewood is one of the easiest (and cheapest) firewood to burn.

Another quality that makes Alder so popular with our suppliers is the smell that this firewood gives off when burning. It has a very authentic, soft smell. It is the kind of smell you would expect in a wooden lodge around Christmas, with the fire burning.

How does alder burn:

  • It lights very easily, and gives off a hot heat
  • Gives off a nice authentic wood burning smell
  • Doesn’t smoke a lot

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