New Product: Kiln Dried Oak Crates

New Product: Kiln Dried Oak Crates

We've recently got our great value kiln dried oak crates back in stock and we couldn't be happier about it. This is because kiln dried oak is a great wood for burning and our crates offer great value for money as well! But oak isn't for everyone, it is an incredibly dense wood; which comes with positives and negatives. In this guide we'll explore all of its burning qualities and why it might be right or wrong for you.

Oak Crate Overview

  • Extremely Long Burn Time
  • Incredibly Dense
  • Can Be Hard To Light
  • Can Be Hard To Keep Lit
  • Often Smoulders When Burning
  • Great Value For Money
  • Requires More Space To Store

Burning Qualities

Oak is known as being an incredibly dense wood and is often referred to to as the best wood to burn in some online communities. And while oak can be an exceptional wood to burn, it isn't without its issues. Oak is so dense this makes it burn for an incredibly long period of time when compared with other softer wood; such as birch. These dry oak logs will not only burn for a long period of time, they will also reach a high, intense heat.

Volume of Wood

These crates contain a huge amount of wood, with each crate holding 1.5m3 in volume and weighing around 600kg. This means that each crate presents great value for money when compared with other wood and crates. You will find that buying wood in bulk will save you a lot of money, especially if you buy in the summer. The main drawback of buying wood crates is the size, as you will need somewhere suitably big to store them. Failure to find a suitable storage location can lead to your wood getting wet, which is a big issue with such dense wood. As it will take a long time to dry again.

Value For Money

Although oak can look more expensive than other wood counterparts. It in-fact offers great value for money. This is because it takes so much longer to burn, meaning that it will last a lot longer than other wood. Also this crate contains kiln dried oak, meaning it is much drier than seasoned wood or wet wood. Not only does this mean it burns cleaner, it also means it burns hotter. Which means at our price, this oak crate is a standout deal.

Issues With Density

The main issue people have with oak is what gives it the long burn time, its density. Incredibly dense woods can struggle to light and to stay lit. And then finally when it does get burning, it tends to smoulder. Instead of blazing away and producing bright, vibrant flames; like other kiln dried wood would. This can be remedied somewhat by using dry wood and more importantly by burning the wood on a fire which has a lot of ventilation or is located somewhere windy.

That concludes our introduction to our kiln dried oak crates! Hopefully this has helped to answer some of your questions surrounding what burning oak is like and whether a crate is right for you. If you would like to information on any of our other products or advice on best burning practises, then we have a large number of other high quality informational articles available.