• Garden Diary - February
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - February

    In this diary we’ll talk about all the tasks you can be doing in February, mostly to get your garden ready but there’s also a few different plants you can be planting and seeds you can be sowing!

  • Garden Diary - March
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - March

    With March here, there are plenty of new jobs to be doing. In this guide we will be talking about all the jobs that can be done this month, now with the weather is starting to improve

  • Garden Diary - May
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - May

    With May here now we’re really starting to get into Spring! Which means your garden is going to experience a boom of both plant growth and new wildlife.

  • Garden Diary - June
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - June

    With June here there’s not only a rise in sunny days and hotter temperatures but also a plethora of new jobs that can be done. In this gardening diary we’ll be going through all of the prime jobs in June

  • Garden Diary - July
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - July

    July is a busy month for your garden, as summer is here and everybody and everything is making the most of it! While for humans this can mean a nice day out at the beach, for wildlife this means growth!

  • Garden Diary - August
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - August

    It’s finally here, August, the month of cosy summer evenings in the garden and day trips to the beach. But that’s not all, the animals and plants are really thriving and your garden is teeming with life!

  • Garden Diary - September
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - September

    September is a month all about preparing for winter and getting your plants planted now so they are ready to flower come spring.

  • Garden Diary - April
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - April

    In this diary we’ll cover all of the jobs you can be doing this April to make your garden truly thrive and look beautiful for the coming summer.

  • Garden Diary - January
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - January

    In our diary we’ll cover all the possibilities though, whether you are having a warmer January or if you are waiting for the last of the frost to thaw out. We’ve got you covered.

  • Gardening Diary - October
    Gardening Diary

    Gardening Diary - October

    October is upon us and is a vital time for your garden. Here’s our advice on how to keep your garden looking in tip top shape and keep those spring flowers protected for their spring bloom.

  • Gardening Diary - November
    Gardening Diary

    Gardening Diary - November

    November is fast upon us and it's vital to get your garden ready for winter. The cool frost will be fast spreading across your beds and borders.

  • Garden Diary - December
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - December

    Not many people think there is much to do in the garden during December. However, there's still a lot of work to be done maintaining, caring and tending to the garden to keep it in its best shape.