• Gardening Tips for Beginners
    Gardening Diary

    Gardening Tips for Beginners

    Want to spruce up your outside area but not sure where to start? In this guide we give you some handy tips on gardening for the complete beginner.

  • Garden Diary - December
    Gardening Diary

    Garden Diary - December

    Not many people think there is much to do in the garden during December. However, there's still a lot of work to be done maintaining, caring and tending to the garden to keep it in its best shape.

  • Gardening Diary - November
    Gardening Diary

    Gardening Diary - November

    November is fast upon us and it's vital to get your garden ready for winter. The cool frost will be fast spreading across your beds and borders.

  • Gardening Diary - October
    Gardening Diary

    Gardening Diary - October

    October is upon us and is a vital time for your garden. Here’s our advice on how to keep your garden looking in tip top shape and keep those spring flowers protected for their spring bloom.