£7.50 per bag
  • Packed Into 20kg Bags
  • BSL Registered
  • 1000kg/Pallet
  • Strong, Durable Packaging
  • Low Dust, No Clinker

There is currently a European-wide shortage of wood pellets, our pellet supply is limited. Please call us to discuss availability/ to arrange delivery. Our contact number is 01484 653 768.

Fitzpatrick Fuels Premium Biomass Wood Pellets for Stoves and Boilers are made by an ENPlus producer and are registered on our BSL. The pellets burn with low ash, and no clinker. Each bag weighs 20kg, and a full pallet contains 50 bags (1000kg on a pallet). 

These Biomass wood pellets offer great quality and value for money. 

The BSL number is: BSL0154329-0008. This BSL number can be used to claim money from the government if you are a part of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). 

These wood pellets can also be used for horse bedding and cat litter. Wood pellets for heating incur a reduced 5% VAT rate, wood pellets for bedding & litter incur a 20% VAT rate. If you intend to use these wood pellets for bedding/litter, please click here to be directed to the 20% VAT rate. 

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Fitzpatrick Fuels Premium Biomass Wood Pellets offer consistent good quality. We use these wood pellets for both blown wood pellet deliveries, and pre packed pellets. 

Wood pellets are a natural product, produced as a by-product from sawmills. Wood pellets are created by compressing the sawdust at a pellet processing plant. Our wood pellets are made from 100% virgin sawdust, without any chemicals, additives or binding agents. 

These pellets offer a good heat output, low moisture content, and they leave little ash behind. Meaning less maintenance for your appliance. Pellet specifics:

  • Calorific value 17.58MJ/KG OR 4.88KWT/KG
  • Ash content 0.4
  • Moisture content 6.3
  • Length less than 3.5
  • Width 6mm

We source our wood pellets from an ENPlus producer (ENPlus ID UK No:335), these wood pellets are also certified by the Forest Stewardship Commission (FSC NC-COC-022987). 

Having sold, and used a wide range of wood pellets ourselves. These biomass pellets, in our opinion, are a fantastic product. They will not produce a lot of ash, and they wont leave any clinker that clogs up the boiler or stove. What's more, the 20kg packaging means less plastic wastage per pallet. 

For more information about our wood pellets, visit our blog.



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Wood Pellet
ENplus Certified
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  • Clean Burn
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to Store
  • High Heat Output
  • Low Ash Residue

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