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  • Instant transformation
  • Deters weeds 
  • Blend of gold, cream and white
  • Available in small bags & bulk

Our Golden Flint offers a warm blend of gold, cream, white and brown tones, turning darker and adding depth when wet. Along with this range of colours, this flint also provides multiple textures, including both smooth and rough pieces, which helps to add extra detail and distinction to your garden.

Made from a premium selection of high quality flint gravel, making it a hard-wearing and long lasting gravel. Ideal for driveways and pathways, while also working well for garden features. This low maintenance gravel is also popularly used for ponds and water features, as it is fish friendly.

We supply this gravel in 20kg bags and 850kg bulk bags, with a size grading of 20mm. Which we deliver locally, using crane backed trucks to help our customer get their gravel where they need it to be. We also deliver nationwide using a pallet network, more details can be found below about delivery information.

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This 20mm gravel has an appealing blend of gold, white, cream and brown shades. This popular type of gravel instantly transforms, brightens and modernises any garden. 

This aggregate is ideal for use on paths and driveways, plant topping and rock gardens. Golden Flint also helps to deter weeds on beds and borders. 


Product Type
Decorative Aggregate, Plant Toppers,
Bulk Bag Volume
Product is ideal for:
  • Creating Garden Beds and Borders
  • Gravel for paths and driveways
  • Landscape Gardening
Key Features & Benefits
  • Great for weed suppression
  • Durable, long lasting & low maintenance
  • Available in small bags & bulk bags
  • Great For Water Features
  • Warm Blend of Tones, Including Gold, Cream, White & Brown
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Bulk Bag, 20kg Bag,
Size Grading
Gold, Cream White & Brown Tones, More Depth and Darker When Wet,
Angular, Flint,