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  • Vibrant Green Colour
  • Frost Proof
  • Heavy Duty & Made To Last
  • Lots of Shapes & Sizes

Our Heavy Duty Glazed Pots are built to last. They are made from a thick glazed ceramic, that is sure to wether the elements. These pots are perfect for adding new life to your garden and giving it a brighter feel. These sturdier, hardy pots can seem to be more expensive but they are built to last and so work out better value in the long run!

Our Heavy duty pots come in a range of different unique colours and sizes, with these being a vibrant, light green. These pots are perfect for adding a new splash of colour and life to your garden. The available styles and sizes are:

  • Large Trumpet Planter, Diameter: 50cm, Height: 37cm
  • Large Cylinder Planter, Diameter: 43cm, Height: 35cm
  • Classic Planter, Diameter: 40cm, Height: 38cm
  • Medium Trumpet Planter, Diameter: 37cm, Height: 31cm

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we stock a number of these pots in various different designs and colours. So if this pot isn't for you, then we have plenty of others for your to choose from!


Product Type
Plant Pots
Assembly Required
Place of Origin
Rim Diameter
Large Cylinder: 43cm, Classic Planter: 40cm, Trumpet Planter: 37cm, Trumpet Planter: 50cm,
Product Type
Decorative Pots