£9.00 per net
  • Very Dense Firewood
  • Large Net - Approx. 16kg
  • Long Burn Duration

Oak firewood is a very dense and hard firewood, similar to Hornbeam. Oak has a long burn duration and a high heat output. With this type of firewood, you will find that you need to refuel the appliance less often than the likes of Alder & Birch. 

Oak firewood is a premium product, it offers value for money as it has a slower burn. 

Due to the denseness of this firewood, it can be more difficult to light than softer woods. That being said, you can make it easier by setting a good base of kindling in the appliance and adding a couple of pieces of oak once the kindling is burning properly. When using oak firewood, make sure that you allow enough air to flow through the fire to get it going.

This builders bag contains 0.61m3 of quality kiln dried oak firewood and is ready to burn as soon as it's delivered. 

All of our firewood is certified with the Ready to Burn scheme, our certificate number is: WS480/00001. This gives you peace of mind that all of our firewood is properly kiln dried, and has a moisture content of 20% or less.

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Both Oak & Hornbeam firewood offer very similar burning characteristics, this is due to the density of the firewood. Oak produces a flame initially and then reduces down to a small flame/glow. This firewood will burn for longer than ash, birch and alder and for those who know how to use it properly, is a very popular and sought-after firewood.

How does oak burn:

  • Burns slowly and for a long time
  • Gives off a small flame
  • Produces a long-lasting heat, even emitting heat when just the embers remain.



Product Size
Approx. Product Weight

Fuel Specification

Product Type
Wood, Fire Pit Fuel, Cooking Woods, Pizza Oven Wood,
Wood Species
Type of Wood
Kiln Dried
Log Length
25 cm
Moisture Content
Less than 20%
Place of Origin
FSC Certified
Responsibly Sourced
Woodsure Approved
Ready To Burn
Burning Features
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to Store
  • High Heat Output
  • Low CO₂
  • Low Smoke Output
Moisture Content

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Open Fires, Wood Stoves, Fire pits , Pizza Ovens ,

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