Spring Refresh At Honley

Spring Refresh At Honley

This spring we have been busy bringing in new products, refreshing old product lines and doing some general spring cleaning. All this to make sure that you have all you need to keep your garden in tip top shape throughout spring. Whether that is by planting new seasonal plants, creating a new bedding area or giving your plants a boost of nutrient rich feed. Whatever it is with our range of spring products you can be sure to give your garden the boost it needs after a wet and cold winter.

Spring Plants

We've got a variety of new plants, ready to give your garden a new lease of life this spring. We know this weather has been tough on everyone's garden, which is why we are here to lend a hand. Our range of plants is always expanding, and gets larger the further into spring we get. While we don't (currently) keep our plants in stock on our website, we can share in this blog some of the plants we have stocked this spring; over at our Honley site.

So what are our most popular plant products this spring (as time of writing) at our mini garden centre in Honley?

  • Spring Bedding Packs
  • 9cm Primroses
  • Polyanthus
  • Tete Flowering Daffodils
  • Tete Bulbs
  • 1.5L Perennials
  • 1.5L Herbs
  • 12"- 18" Spring Hanging Baskets
  • Range of Potted, Vibrant Plastic Planters
  • Potted Ceramic Planters In a Variety of Colours

As you can see, the plants that are most popular are our seasonal plants. But if you are worried we don't have a plant that you want, then please give us a ring or make an inquiry and we'll be happy to answer any questions & requests that you have.

Weed & Pest Control

Spring is the time when your garden comes back to life after the harshness of winter. While this is a great time for your plants, it is also a great time for other pests and creepy crawlies. Which is why we've had a restock on our full range of weed and pest control products. As well as introducing some new specialist products, for those especially difficult infestations. Such as anti fungal sprays, specialist bug killers, etc.

Here are some of our most popular weed & pest control products:

A always if you have any issues or need some advice, please get in touch.

Composts & Soils

With this being a vital growing period for your plants, we have made sure to have a restock on all of our most popular composts. Your plants will need every little bit of help they can get at this vital time. Whether this be from plant feed, or adding in new compost for a fresh start.

So what composts have we got in new or a restock of this spring:

Plant Feed & Fertiliser

If you want to ensure that your plants have the biggest and brightest blooms then now is the perfect time to give your plants a boost with specialised plant feed or fertiliser. Give your plants that extra oomph of vibrancy and depth simply by making sure they are regularly fed during their growing period! 

To help you with this we have made sure to keep a variety of specialised, high quality plant feeds in stock including:

Many More Bits & Bobs

Everyone's garden is different and that means that you might need something that someone else doesn't. We've got plenty of garden accessories and other bits and bobs, that are sure to help you maintain your garden or make some much needed repairs. As well as the garden tools you might need to do them!

We have an entire new product line of hanging baskets, brackets and liners. As well as bird food, plant supports and outdoor furniture

Need something we don't have? Everyone forgets things from time to time, including us! So why not make a request and we'll see what we can do to get it sorted for you. If you need it, then it's likely others will as well.

Jobs For Spring

Knowing what jobs to be doing in your garden and when it is best to do them can be tough. Which is why we created these amazing garden diaries for each month of the year! Each diary comes with a list of jobs and other tidbits of information that are great for keeping your garden in check for that month, while also preparing it for future months.