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  • Easy To Use 40L Bags
  • Nutrient Packed Compost
  • Multi-Purpose Compose
  • Balanced Blend of Peat

Richmond organic garden compost has been created to improve all types of soils. High in organic matter. Organic garden compost is a rich source of humus and natural plant nutrients. It helps retain moisture and gives life to tired soils.

Organic garden compost is rich in the natural plant nutrients needed for vigorous plant growth and long term soil fertility. This compost comes in an easy to handle 40L bag.

This compost is recommended for:

  • General Gardening Use
  • Beds & Borders
  • Roses & Shrubs
  • Top Dressing

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General Tips

  • Do not allow your compost to dry out
  • Don't allow your pots to stand in water
  • Remove dead flowers to keep your plants growing healthily

Improving Soil Quality

Ensure soil is moist and free from weeds.

Spread organic garden compost over the soil surface to a depth of at least 5cm. If the soil is very heavy, chalky or sandy, apply the organic garden compost to a depth of 10cm.

Dig organic garden compost into the soil, working methodically across the area starting at one end of the plot and working across to the other.

For best results this should be carried out a month before planting.

Beds & Borders

Organic garden compost is ideal for use in beds and borders.

Organic garden compost adds nutrients and organic matter to enhance the soil where beds and borders have shrunk and adds life to tired soils. Organic garden compost should be mixed 50:50 with existing soil.

Organic garden compost is also recommended for new raised beds and can be mixed 50:50 with existing soil or used on its own.

Roses & Other Shrubs

Dig a planting hole to the depth and size recommended for the rose or shrub e.g twice the diameter of the root ball.

Add a mixture of 50:50 organic garden compost and soil to the planting hole, plant the rose or shrub according to instruction, watering well once planted.

Top Dressing

Use a 50:50 mixture of organic garden compost and soil as a top dressing for established plants such as roses, shrubs and perennials.

Compost suitable plants:

Shrubs, herbs, Bedding plants, houseplants, and vegetables will do well in our compost. 

It should be noted that this compost is unsuitable for rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, and other lime-hating plants. 


Product Type
Product is ideal for:
  • General Gardening Use
  • Hanging Baskets, Containers and Troughs
  • Sowings and Cuttings
  • Potting and Planting
Key Features & Benefits
  • Balanced Peat Blend
  • Absorbs water for strong root & plant growth
  • Enriched with nutrients lasting 4 - 6 weeks
  • Broad range of uses
Plants Unsuitable for Use
  • Rhododendrons
  • Azaleas
  • Heathers
  • Other lime-hating plants
Plants Suitable For Use
  • Shrubs
  • Herbs
  • Bedding Plants
  • House Plants
  • Vegetables
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