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This palm tree is an evergreen plant that has distinct fan shaped leaves of crisp green sprouting from its top. Its trunk is fibrous, growing in patterned layers up to its leaves. In summer it produces exotic small light yellow flowers, these form in plumes arching down from the top. The tropical fan leaves can grow up to 1m in width, with its distinct look it is a perfect addition to tropical themed gardens.

This tree is a decently hardy plant, being able to survive in temperatures up to -10c when adult. However it will need more protection while young and still growing, as a cold winter or heavy breeze can do damage. Although this plant is drought resistant and can grow up to 12m tall, if it is given enough room. Otherwise it will grow up to the space it has.

There are quite a few different types of tress to choose from, so you can find the right fit for you! These palm trees start off around £99.99. These roses are available from our Honley site at 12 New Mills Road, HD9 6PL.

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Full Sun, Partial Shade,
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Well Drained Soil
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