£4.75 per pack
  • Moisture Content Below 9%
  • Compact & Easy to Store
  • Dense, Hardwood Heat Log
  • Long Lasting Fuel
  • 12 Briquettes Per Pack

Pini Kay briquettes are a very popular type of heat log, denser than most, they offer an impressive burn duration and good heat output. 

Our heat logs are responsibly sourced and are made without chemicals. They offer an attractive flame to look at and burn with very little smoke. 

Unlike other briquettes, Pini Kay briquettes do not tend to expand very much. 

2 - 3 briquettes is enough for a standard size fire, and each pack contains 12 singular briquettes. You can expect 2 - 3 hours of burning from each briquette.

Full description


Unlike other briquettes, Pini Kay heat logs have little expansion, meaning that not only are they suitable for wood burning stoves & multi-fuel appliances, they can also be used on open fires. 

Each pack contains 12 briquettes, weighing 10kg per pack. They are easy to transport and store, and are much easier to stack than traditional firewood. 

Briquettes are made from pure sawdust and compressed under intense pressure. With a moisture content lower than 9%, heat logs are a great alternative to firewood. They give a longer burn duration, along with kicking out a good amount of heat. In terms of value for your buck, these are a great way to reduce your winter spends on fuel. A highly cost effective product.

How to use: 

Light your fire as normal with your kindling, once the kindling is flaming away, add 2 - 3 birch blocks to the fire. Briquettes expand while burning so be sure not to overfill your appliance. 

The briquettes will give off a nice flame initially, once burnt through, they will start the smoulder/ glow more than flame. Once the briquettes have broken down in size, add a couple more blocks on if you want to keep the fire lit for longer. 

Once burnt through, the ash produced from the briquettes retains heat. Be sure that the ashes have cooled properly before cleaning out your appliance. 



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Fuel Specification

Product Type
Wood Species
Type of Wood
Place of Origin
Responsibly Sourced
Ready To Burn
Burning Features
  • Clean Burn
  • Easy to Light
  • Easy to Control
  • Easy to Store
  • High Heat Output
  • Long Burn
  • Low Smoke Output
Moisture Content

Suitable For

Burning Appliance
Multi fuel stoves , Wood Stoves, Fire pits ,

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