Hornbeam Firewood - Is It Right For You?

Hornbeam Firewood - Is It Right For You?

When it comes to choosing which wood to buy to heat your home, we have plenty of options available. We stock various firewood’s including Ash, Oak, Hornbeam, Birch & Alder. All our firewood is responsibly sourced, and kiln dried to give a moisture content of less than 20%, so whichever type of firewood you choose, you can expect a pleasant burning experience.

Different types of firewood have different burning characteristics. In this article, we are going to cover the burn you can expect from one of our newer products; hornbeam firewood.

Hornbeam is a very dense and hard type of firewood, which in turn means that it burns very slowly. It is not as well known in the UK as other similar wood species such as oak and beech, but it is a real top-quality firewood. If you find that you are refuelling the fire too often, hornbeam is definitely the product to try.

All our firewood is cut to a length of 25cm which fits in most UK stoves. Although the length is specified, firewood is a natural product and therefore the width cannot be controlled as easily. Our hornbeam firewood varies in log thickness. Due to the denseness of this firewood, the smaller logs are great for getting the fire started initially.

Along with a long burn duration, this type of firewood gives off a wonderfully high heat output. It is a great firewood to have a supply of on those cold and frosty winter days. Hornbeam offers a rounded, pleasant burning experience. You can expect a long burn duration, a high heat and a nice flame.

If you are a lover of our kiln dried ash firewood, we’re confident that you will love the hornbeam also. It is as easy to use as the ash firewood, but burns slower and gives a higher heat. As more of our customers begin to try this new product, we expect the hornbeam firewood to be just as, if not more popular than our kiln dried ash logs.

Hornbeam firewood has a similar appearance to ash firewood; however, it is much heavier and has a similar calorific value to oak logs. Because of the density of this firewood, it can be trickier to light than the likes of birch firewood (which is softer). That being said, once the firewood is burning away, you can sit back and enjoy the heat output from this long burning log. If you find that you are refuelling your wood burner often, this could be the right log species for you!

Hornbeam firewood is available in two different sizes; we have large 1.5m3 crates and Builders Bags of Hornbeam available to order for delivery.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to understand the difference between Hornbeam and other types of wood. We have lots of other great articles available, so if you have any specific questions feel free to take a look or give us a ring if you're still struggling!