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These prunus shrubs are perfect for hedging and creating borders. These evergreen shrubs are ideal for the British climate thanks to their hardy nature. We sell a variety of different sizes, including taller options and shorter options. The shorter shrubs are at least 35cm tall, while the taller shrubs are currently at a height of at-least 85cm.

But they will both grow even taller to a maximum height of 5m tall! They feature glossy, dark green leaves. These elegant shrubs bloom with small, fragrant flowers that appear on long spikes in late spring. Which are then followed by cherry-like red berries, darkening when ripe. These shrubs are perfect hedging plants, ideal for borders and edges.

There are quite a few different types to choose from including several other different types of shrubs. They start at around £6.99 for the short plants or for the tallest they go up to £15.99. These plants are available from our Honley site at 12 New Mills Road, HD9 6PL.

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We stock a large plant range, you can find our entire plant range here!

Alternatively we also stock an expansive Garden Range! Including composts, aggregates, pots and much more.


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