RRP £150.00
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  • Elegant & Simple Design
  • 10 Separate Compartments
  • Underlaid Storage Shelf
  • Pressure Treated & FSC Certified
  • 10 Years Guarantee Against Rot

This Raised Herb Planter made from solid timber is the perfect stand to keep all of your herbs in. Sitting at waist height it is perfect for gardening while standing or while sitting on a chair. It also features an underlaid shelf that is perfect for holding all of your gardening tools and pots you may be using, or just for general storage. Its top compartment has 10 separate compartments for your various plants, so there is plenty of room for all of your herbs to fit in.

The Raised Herb Planter is FSC certified and has been pressure treated to protect the timber against rot for more than 10 years! This high quality product is sure to last against the elements. All while being easy to build, so even novice gardeners can build this Arbour.

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The Raised Herb Planter comes in a width of 1.22m, a depth of 0.60m and a height of 0.85m. Pressure treated products should not receive any further treatment for 6 months. (paint, coating, etc)

Variations In Wood

When purchasing your product you should check your wooden furniture for two specific things:

  • Check to make sure there are no splits bigger than a 2p coin
  • Make sure there are no dead knots in the wood

Alive knots & splits no bigger than a 2p coin are completely fine and will not affect the durability of your wood. Your product may also come Sun bleached from the packaging or with green spots. Neither of these are of any concern and will not affect your furniture. The first is caused by the packaging and the second by the pressure treatment the timber receives. Both will fade over time when the product is left outside.


Product Type
Outdoor Stand or Display
Assembly Required
Place of Origin
Natural Bright Timber
Pressure Treated
Product Dimensions
1.22m x 0.6m x 0.85m