The Benefits of Smokeless Coal Over House Coal

The Benefits of Smokeless Coal Over House Coal

When burning fuels in a heating appliance such as multi-fuel stoves, fireplaces, etc. There are a lot of different options for fuel. In the winter months, when it’s cold outside, we want something that is going to burn hot, and for a long time. 

The government has recently updated laws in relation to solid fuel and wood based products. It is now a legal requirement for merchants who sell firewood to be on the Ready to Burn scheme. In addition, the sale of house coal is now illegal in the uk from 2023. 

It’s not all bad though, because smokeless fuels have a huge range of benefits and they often outperform traditional house coal.

When focusing on coal it’s hard to find a reason not to use Smokeless Coals. A lot of people don’t know the differences between the various coal options, which leads to people picking what they have used previously. With underperforming House Coals, being out performed by a wide variety of Smokeless Coal options; that you might not know about. Below I will discuss the benefits of using Smokeless Coal over House Coal.

Firstly we’ll need to understand what Smokeless Coal is. Smokeless Coal is a type of Coal that is either naturally formed high in anthracite or that has been specially manufactured to have high quantities of anthracite and is kept together using bonding agents. This process eliminates a lot of contaminants that are in House Coals and results in the Smokeless Coal having a very high carbon content.

The high carbon content and purity of the smokeless coal is what leads to it being much better for the environment when it is burnt. While when House Coal is burnt, it releases a lot of nasty pollutants and more smoke, because of its lower Carbon content and the volatile chemical present within it.

These pollutants then damage the environment and harm those nearby who breathe them in. This reduction of smoke also makes your Smokeless Coal produce less carbon dioxide, greatly helping with ventilation. The cleanup is easier as well because when Smokeless Coals are burnt they leave behind less ash than House Coal. Meaning you save time when using Smokeless Coal, both from less cleaning but also from having to refill your heating unit with coal less often.

Furthermore Smokeless Coal burns at a hotter temperature and for longer than House Coal, this comes from it’s high Carbon content. Allowing the Smokeless coal to burn for hours longer, meaning you don’t have to use as much when heating your homes. The hotter burn also means it produces a brighter flame, making it perfect for cosy nights around the fire.

The versatility of Smokeless Coal is impressive, as it can be used in both open and closed appliances

Finally, as you can see there are a number of benefits to using Smokeless Coals over House Coals and all that’s left now is finding the Smokeless Coal that’s right for you. At Fitzpatrick Fuels we stock a range of hight quality smokeless coals. Our most popular here at Fitzpatricks being Newheat.