• Glass cleaner set 
  • Ideal for stubborn deposits
  • Suitable for all stoves 

This duo pack of glass stove cleaner and polish is perfect for keeping the glass on your stove clean. It is suitable for all stoves, and removes stubborn deposits including; tar, creosote and carbon.

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Stove Glass Cleaner directions: 

  • Spray a thin, even coat over the area to be cleaned
  • Leave to stand for 10 seconds
  • Wipe away with a dry cloth

If some soot remains, repeat the steps above. For a longer-lasting clean, apply the Stove Glass Polish to reduce the future build-up of soot.

Stove Glass Polish directions:

For best results, clean the affected area with the Stove Glass Cleaner before use. 

  • Apply evenly using a dry cloth 
  • Leave to stand for 30 seconds 
  • Wipe away with a clean cloth


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Fireplace Maintenance