• Corrosion & heat resistant finish
  • Multi-purpose use 
  • Matt black finish

The Gallery Ultra High-Temperature Matt Black Paint gives a corrosion & heat resistant finish. It is suitable for use on stoves, grates, fireplaces, wood or multi-fuel appliances, firebacks and baskets, pipes, flues, BBQ's and other general DIY and automotive tasks. 

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Directions for use:

  • Ensure the surface to be treated has cooled before starting 
  • Remove all old paint, rust, and dirt 
  • Degrease and check the surface is dry before spraying 
  • Mask all areas not to be painted. If painting is performed in situ, mask off areas that do not require painting, cover soft furnishings and ventilate the room. Leave protective covers down for at least an hour after painting. 
  • Before spraying, and between bursts, shake can vigorously for one minute

Further comments:

  • Paint must be applied thinly and evenly, 2 - 3 layers are better than one thick coat 
  • After use, to prevent the nozzle blocking, invert the can and spray for a few seconds 
  • Allow 2 - 3 hours between each coat to allow the paint to cure
  • Allow 24 hours before lighting a fire


Product Type
Fireplace Maintenance