We specialise in bulk wood pellet deliveries throughout Penistone!

Fitzpatrick Fuels offers a blown wood pellet delivery service throughout Penistone and surrounding areas. We have a specially modified, small scale delivery vehicle that allows us to deliver to customers who live in hard to reach areas or with restricted access.

Our blown delivery vehicle allows us to deliver up to 3 tonne of pellets at a time, perfect for customers who have a smaller hopper. We make multiple visits to customers throughout the year, allowing people to spread out the cost of their wood pellet needs.

The wood pellets are registered on the Biomass Supplier List (BSL) and we source our wood pellets from a certified EN+ producer. We buy our wood pellets from one producer, which in turn means that the wood pellets received from us are of a consistently good quality.  

Fitzpatrick Fuels biomass wood pellets have a low moisture content, high heat output and leave minimal ash residue after the burn cycle. The high quality of our wood pellets means less maintenance for your appliance. Pellet specifics:

  • Calorific value 17.58MJ/KG OR 4.88KWT/KG
  • Ash content 0.4
  • Moisture content 6.3
  • Length less than 3.5
  • Width 6mm

During the wood pellet delivery, all customers receive a weight ticket stating the amount of wood pellets that have been blown into the hopper. This weight ticket is then used to produce an invoice, this means that you only pay for the wood pellets that you have actually received. The invoice also details our BSL number so you can claim back on the governments RHI scheme.

To arrange a for a blown wood pellet delivery, or to enquire about prices, please call the office on 01484 653 768. We aim to deliver within 3 – 5 working days of your order and will book in a day for delivery that suits you.