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  • Perfect For Buxus Plants
  • Provides Vibrant, Healthy Green Leaves
  • Produces A Dense & Strong 
  • Rich In Nutrients With Added Trace Elements
  • 1kg Pack, Easy To Use & Handle

Buxus Feed is perfect for Buxus plants providing all the nutrients they need to grow healthy green leaves with dense and healthy branches. This feed is rich in nutrients and has added trace elements which help it to slowly release nitrogen into soil for a sustained growth. This feed helps to protect the plant against box blight, nutrient deficiency and bugs, which Buxus plants are susceptible to.

This Buxus Feed comes in a 1kg pack in granule form to allow for easier use and handling. It can be added when planting your Buxus plants with the help of a spade or it can be added as a top dressing with gloved hands.

Full description


Buxus Feed is part of Vitax’s new specialist fertiliser and feed range, and developed specifically for Buxus growers.

A staple for most gardens, Buxus can be used as a structure, in pots or hedges, and is a popular choice for patio planters.

Buxus is vulnerable to box blight, nutrient deficiency and bugs, however Buxus Feed contains vital plant foods and trace elements required for good establishment and strong heathy growth of Buxus.

A firm favourite amongst both experienced and novice Buxus growers, Buxus Feed provides:

  • Essential nutrients to green up leaf colour
  • Extended nitrogen release to sustain growth
  • Dense and healthy growth

Buxus is best planted in autumn or spring, and depending on where a Buxus is being planted, Buxus Feed can be used to line the bottom of a trench before planting or used as a top dressing when planting has been established

For best results apply during dry conditions. Buxus Feed can also be used safely as a top dressing on other tree, shrub and conifer species, but is not suitable for Ericaceous plants.

Read the directions carefully before use, store the fertiliser in a dry place away from children, pets and foodstuffs, always wear gloves when gardening, wash hands after use. Product may irritate cut or broken skin. Do not exceed the recommended application rates, avoid the fertiliser lodging on leaves and stems, brush off any spillages from paths or paving after application.

How To Use

Note: 1 small gloved handful contains approximately 30g (1 oz).

Planting buxus in permanent positions

Buxus is best planted in autumn or spring. The ground should be cultivated to a good spade’s depth for best results. For individual 15-20cm (6-8 inches) containers or bare rooted stock, take 60g (2 oz) of Buxus Feed and sprinkle part of it into the bottom of the planting hole and lightly fork in. Use the balance of the fertiliser with the fill-in soil and firm in the plant. For hedge planting use 60-120g of Buxus Feed per linear metre of planting trench. For larger container stock (greater than 20 cm or 8 inches) apply 60g to the bottom of the planting hole, lightly fork in, and mix 60g into the fill-in soil.

Top dressing

Buxus hedges can benefit from a regular top dressing when planted in a permanent position in the ground. Apply evenly to the soil as recommended below, preferably when the soil is moist. When topdressing containers use Buxus Feed at the rate of 1 teaspoonful per 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) of pot diameter. Where possible work into the surface of the soil. In the spring following planting, sprinkle 60g (2 oz) of Buxus Feed evenly under the branches of the shrub. Repeat the application at the end of June or early July. For best results apply fertiliser during dry conditions, lightly hoe into the soil, and water in well. Buxus Feed can be safely used as a top dressing on other tree, shrub and conifer species but is not suitable for ericaceous plants. In early spring (March) apply 60g for plants up to 60cm (2 feet); for plants 90-120cm (3-4 feet) apply 120g and for standard trees use 180g. Repeat the application at the end of June to early July.

Safety Information


Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a comfortable position.

Skin Contact

Wash with plenty of soap and water.

Eye Contact

Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.


Do not induce vomiting. Wash out mouth with water.


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